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Silvia Björg Art

    Born to an icelandic mum and a spanish dad, this visual artist was rised up in Galicia, a very green northwest region of Spain. 

From an early age she showed interest in nature and art and worked under the influence of both icelandic and spanish landscapes, flora and fauna.

When she was 11 she made her first approach to an art school in her city of birth Santiago de Compostela and later, at 19 she went to the School of Art and Design to study six years of contemporary jewellery design. She had her first solo art exhibition at the age of 22. She worked at her own workshop and decided to widen her art studies five years in Fine Arts finishing her career with a sculpture Master degree at the University of Vigo in 2005. 

She currently lives in Iceland where she moved in 2006 and has been teaching plastic arts and working in parallel as an artist.

- "I consider myself a multidisciplinary visual artist, and i work in different fields like painting, sculpture, installation art and design.

         I had always been deeply inspired by the magic and power of Mother Nature."

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