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Private collection
"Fossar" 2007. Public collection. In exhibition at "Varðan", Sandgerði. Mixed media, 20x80cm
Private collection
"Earth´s Alchemy, 2010. Mixed media.
100x100 cm. Avaliable painting, contact the artist for more info. at
Private collection
Private collection

         All rights reserved ©Silvia Björg

All mages and texts remain the property of Silvia Björg and may not be used without written permission. Some of this artworks are avaliable by purchase. If you´re interested, please contact the artist at

Private collection
Silvia Björg icelandic nature paintings
My inspiration comes directly from the magic and power of nature. 

In my art the natural materials are an important component. The moss symbolices for me the fragility in oposition and  contrast to the hardness of the lava.


The art-working process begins when i walk through the nature and i feel directly visual and tactile contact with all around me and it continues when i´m in the studio when i´m working it on canvas. I work with images that i have inside my mind.


In my artwork wild nature it´s in continuous change...i reflect the creation-destruction of materials and the fragility of primitive vegetal life that´s in symbiosis with the roughness of the solidified incandescent mineral that births from the core of the Earth...I shape images in which elements are in evolution and they are the reflection of the eternal cycle of life and death. 

 ​Making a tour through Art History, i say that my work has influences from Romanticism, the idea of reflecting the sublime in nature,( that is dangerous but amazingly beautiful at the same time ), but it also have a something of Expressionism.

Looking at the technique, we remember Material Art, ( inside Informalism ), but my work it´s too connected with real image of nature and Informalism didn´t worked with the rational composition.

In my artwork there´s some influences of Action Painting and important influence from Eco Art,(that comes from Land Art, but it´s a bit different). Inside this art movement the materials are considered something sacred and

there´s a ritual component in the making process.

In my artworking process i combine the espountaneous gest with studied precision and i make a mixture of media, materials and techniques to form three-dimensional textured images.

                                         All rights reserved © Silvia Björg 

It is not allowed to reproduce any part of this web, text or images without written permission. Some artworks are avaliable by purchase, If you´re interested, please contact the artist at

"Silene acaulis", 2023. Mixed media.
80 x 80 cm. Property of Reykjanes Art Museum.

©Silvia Björg2013-2024

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