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Silvia Björg Installation art

4-Viento sobre Trueno 2003.jpg
"Viento sobre Trueno", ephemeral installation, 2003
3-In Memoriam, 2003 - Copy.jpg
"Cadáveres translúcidos", variable dimensions installation, 2003
"In memoriam", variable dimensions installation, 2003
2-Infertility 2003 - Copy.jpg
"Desertización", variable dimensions installation, 2003
"Infertility", variable dimensions installation, 2003
"Naturaleza venciendo a Tecnología", variable dimensions installation, 2003

©Silvia Björg2013-2024

toxo vii.JPG
"Flor de Toxo", variable dimensions installation, detail, 2004
P1150058 (3).JPG

                  All rights reserved ©Silvia Björg

All images and texts remain the property of Silvia Björg and may not be used without her written permission. Some of this artworks are avaliable. If  you´re interested in more info, please contact the artist at 

20200705_180504 (4).jpg

"Por el buen camino", ephemeral installation  in july 2020

"Dreams", Installation detail, july 2020

expo 1.jpg

"Eyes of Nature" and "The Ligth Within you", Installation detail, from the exhibition "Fertility", summer 2023 in Reykjanes Art Museum.

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