Silvia Björg Installation art

4-Viento sobre Trueno 2003.jpg
"Viento sobre Trueno", ephemeral installation, 2003
3-In Memoriam, 2003 - Copy.jpg
"Cadáveres translúcidos", variable dimensions installation, 2003
"In memoriam", variable dimensions installation, 2003
2-Infertility 2003 - Copy.jpg
"Desertización", variable dimensions installation, 2003
"Infertility", variable dimensions installation, 2003
"Naturaleza venciendo a Tecnología", variable dimensions installation, 2003
toxo vii.JPG

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"Flor de Toxo", variable dimensions installation, detail, 2004
20200705_180504 (4).jpg

"Por el buen camino", ephemeral installation  in july 2020

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Silvia Björg´s installation art intro

"Dreams", Installation detail, july 2020

Each and every work of art has a meaning, that may vary depending on the matherials used in each composition and the titles given by me. In some pieces, the activism and my political views are an important influence.