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Silvia Björg Sculptures


"Fertility III", 2013,mixed media. 21x21x9 cm.

Exhibited at Reykjanes Art Museum, Iceland.


"Fertility IV", 2013,mixed media. 26x26x9 cm.


©Silvia Björg2013-2023


"Family", 2022, 80 x80 cm. Ceramic. Exhibited in Varðan fountain, Sandgerði, Suðurnesjabær, Iceland. Photo: K.Maack photography.

"Society", 2020, mixed media, 106x30x30cm.

                        All rights reserved ©Silvia Björg

All images and texts remain the property of Silvia Björg and may not be used without written permission. Some of this artworks are avaliable by purchase. If you´re interested in more info, please contact the artist at

"Silene acaulis", 2023. Ceramic wall installation, changeable dimensions. Exhibited at Exhibition Hall Garður, Iceland.

Venus by (c) Silvia Björg 2022 - Copy.JPG
Family 2.JPG

                         "Family II", 2023. Private collection.

©Silvia Björg2013-2024

"Venus", 2023. Mixed media sculpture, 15 x20 cm.

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