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Despite everything, hope by Silvia Bjorg
"Nonetheless, hope", 2017. 20x80cm.
Mixed media. Contact the artist for more info at
The Matrix by Silvia Bjorg 2017 cop def.
"The Matrix", 2017. 30x100cm.
Mixed media. Contact the artist for more info at

I'm inspired by Mother Nature but by the people from different places around the world too.

I was connected very soon to the peoples of the Caribbean sea islands and now they are an important part of my life. To honor their kindness and the miraculous wildlife there i painted this series of hummingbirds...

...The light, the mixture of mango, coconut, pineapple, passion fruit and papaya aromas and the vibrant iridescent colors, like small jewels between the foliage and the flowers, precious life flying so fast that you only can see them when you stop and see with the eyes of the heart...

©Silvia Björg2013-2024

"Magic Pollinators", 2018. Private collection
P1140189 - Copy.JPG
"El Néctar de la Vida", 2018. Private collection

                    All rights reserved ©Silvia Björg

All images and texts remain the property of Silvia Björg and may not be used without written permission. If you´re interested in her artwork, please contact the artist at 

Paraíso 1.JPG
"Paradise", part of a painting series called "Four elements" 2002. Private collection
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