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Silvia Bjorg illustrations/other

Light 2017 by Silvia Bjorg.jpg
"May the Light guide US", 2016,watercolors and ink on paper. 17x17 cm.
Al otro lado del muro by Silvia Bjorg 20
"Al otro lado del muro", 2017,watercolors and ink on paper. 16x16 cm.
"Three litle birds" (detail) , 2017,watercolors and ink on paper. 14x22 cm.
paloma de la paz.jpg
"Peace", 2017, mixed media on watercolor paper."Private collection

©Silvia Björg2013-2024

                   All rights reserved ©Silvia Björg

          All images remain the property of Silvia Björg

          and may not be used without written permission.

         Some of this artworks are avaliable by purchase, 

  If you´re interested, please  contact the artist at

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